James Faecke studio

   Jim Faecke, AWS, WIPAPA

Jim Faecke was born and raised in Texas. He attended the University of Texas studying art and architecture before moving, in 1979, to Chicago to attend the School of the Art Institute. He graduated from SAIC in 1981 with a BFA in studio art and worked fulltime in the architectural profession until 1999. At that time, he realized one of his longtime goals and became a full time architectural illustrator working primarily in watercolor. He was recognized by his peers in the American Society of Architectural Illustrators with six "Awards of Excellence" between 2006-2013. He began painting en plein air in 2014 and since that time has been transitioning to working fulltime as a Plein Air Artist. 

The city of Chicago, through its size, architecture and cultural diversity proved to be a powerful visual and intellectual stimulant, as did the midwestern landscape. While Texas does have its own stark beauty, especially the Gulf coast and the hill country around Austin, it is vastly different in terms of light, color and form when compared to the lush rolling fields of the driftless area or the pine woods of northern Wisconsin. It also offers little in the way of change of seasons.  

Artist Statment

"With unlimited subject matter and constantly changing weather conditions, there is no studio like the great outdoors. I have found that painting outdoors, with all of its many challenges, is really the only way to fully experience the beauty of light, color, form and space in the natural world. Though I enjoy painting in other media in the studio, for me, watercolor is unlike any other medium in its potential for variety of application. Almost any subject, regardless of color or form, can become a playground for exploration of this medium. Watercolor itself has the potential to bring brilliance to an image. A masterful watercolor appears to have been effortlessly executed in a matter of minutes, but, in the words of Toni Onley "the good watercolors take a lifetime - plus a half an hour"


Seargent, Homer, Hopper, Whistler, John Yardley, Edward Seago, Edward Wesson, Joe Zbukvic, Richard Sneary, Susan Lynn and Michael Reardon