James Faecke architectural illustration/fine arts

Watercolor is the ideal medium for architectural concept Illustration. Whether your goal is to communicate design concepts for master planning, building design or interior design, watercolor images can spark the imagination of the viewer and convey design ideas before details have been fully resolved or developed. Watercolor lends a warm human element to illustrations allowing the viewer to experience the activities and "feel" of a space. An effective concept illustration can bring your design ideas to life. Watercolor is an unsurpassed medium for quickly conveying a sense of light, texture and color to interior spaces, landscapes and human activity.

A number of the watercolor architectural renderings on this site were completed with minimal design information. A site plan and a vision of the general design direction in which the proposed project might go may have been the only information the client was able to provide at the time. Other illustrations were developed from hand drawn elevations or rough sketches over aerial photography. It is possible with watercolor to create highly effective visual presentation materials that communicate design concepts, direction or vision without having to invest a great number of hours in developing design details. Effective early visualization can clarify design direction by providing client input and create excitement for project fundraising and approvals.

The above interior watercolor rendering was developed for a short list interview for which the designers had only one week to prepare. A simple digital model of the space was created by my client during their three day design process. A view specific image of the model with annotations, material swatches and reference photography were the basic design information provided for this image. The watercolor illustration was completed over a period of three days. While most of my illustrations enjoy a longer schedule to allow for client review and approval of preliminary and final line work. With sufficient direction, it is possible to create beautiful presentation images in a very short time frame when the need arises.

My pricing is very simply based on the number of hours required to complete an image. There are a great many project specific variables which impact the number of hours required but, the determining factors are primarily as follows: The amount of design information and in the format in which it is provided and, the design complexity and scope of the project. In general, the larger and more complex the project, the greater the time required to complete an image. The images on this site range in cost from roughly $1200 to $3900. I am happy to provide a proposal for services, usually, within twenty four hours of receiving your project information.  

I completed my first commissioned watercolor illustration in 1971. Since that time, I have worked diligently to master the complexities of this simple but very elegant medium. I have had the good fortune of working with many very talented and accomplished illustrators along the way who have contributed substantially to my understanding and mastery of my visual communication skills. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to put my talent, skills and knowledge of visual communication to work for you on your next project.

Thank you,  Jim Faecke